AU(requested by classichood) You make the boys read The Fault in Our Stars and one of them asks you out using a quote from the book.

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You thought that when Ashton suggested that the two of you go on a road trip, that it meant that the two of you were going on a road trip alone. After you had already left and were on your way, he told you that you were driving to meet up with the other boys who had left a little while before you. When you asked him about it he said that in his mind, because you were in a car alone for the driving part of the trip, it was like you were on your own. When the other car broke down, everyone hopped in yours and you were no longer alone at all. You ended up having an awesome time and couldn’t wait until the next time that you got to go out and just be young kids again, no hassle of “public image” because of the band.