Oh my GOD, Owen.

It entertains me that their organization was not even remotely secret. I imagine the locals all rolling their eyes whenever the team runs past, because it’s like when your kids are playing spy games and they’re being ‘sneaky’ and you have to pretend you can’t see them. 

Whenever something really weird happens you just wander down to the docks, position yourself in front of a hidden camera, and sigh loudly. “Oh my, I sure hope that freaky alien-looking thing doesn’t eat my family. Boy, I wish there were someone around who could take care of that for me.

And then you piss off and get lunch while they handle it, so you can avoid getting roofied. 

And then you remember this little gem

"Excuse me… Have you seen a blowfish driving a sports car?"

*points*”Bloody Torchwood!”

outside the government, beyond the police, just down past the tourist information office, turn right at the docks, follow the pteradactyl screams, join the queue formed outside.

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i have this headcanon that one day tonks told remus to buy a little teddy bear for baby teddy and remus came back with a stuffed animal wolf and tonks was like seriously remus u had one job his name is literally teddy and remus was like no look it changes colors it’s a little metamorphmagus wolf u see what i did there

and to this day teddy keeps his little metamorphmagus wolf in his hogwarts trunk so he always has a piece of remus and tonks with him

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